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Buy Fashion Rings Online from Jaipur India from Jewelry Manufacturer Jewelsartisan

Prehnite Ring Rose Gold-Plated Ring 925...

Regular price $53.66 Price $21.46
Availability: 5 In Stock

Prehnite gemstone 925 sterling silver rose gold-plated ring, 10x14mm pear Prehnite gemstone is with rose gold-plated 925 sterling silver ring. Classic solitaire Prehnite gemstone ring weight approx. 4.4gram and width approx. 16mm. Natural gemstone handmade 925 sterling silver ring.

925 Sterling Silver Ring Spinner Ring...

Regular price $44.91 Price $17.96
Availability: 5 In Stock

Elegantly designed 925 sterling silver spinner ring thumb band, smoothly moveable silver strap spinner, meditation and anxiety ring truly handmade at Jewels Artisan. Delightful 925 sterling silver ring weight approx. 5.5gram, a surprise present for your mother.

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